Get to know : Lise Loison

Senior ResearcherArcelorMittal  

How would you describe yourself in two sentences?  

I am fascinated about science and research. I am dedicated and creative. 

What are you currently working on?  

I am currently working on steelmaking process improvement in the field of continuous casting, mostly solving incidents linked with refractory materials.  

Did you always want to work in science? How were you introduced to it? 

My first motivation to work in science and in research was to be able to have a renewal in the daily job. Even if the field, the surrounding and the equipment remain, research topics are evolving. It is a great way to stay alert and remain curious along the whole career without being bored.  

Could you briefly describe your academic/professional career?  

I started with industrial ceramic engineering school and continued with a PhD on refractory materials at the Institute of Mineral Engineering. 

Why is it relevant to talk about gender equality in science?  

I see the necessity to talk about equality in science in general. The reason is quite clear: with all the technical challenges the humanity has to face, there is no place nor time for discrimination of any kind. It is also important to keep people motivated, if the environment is ruled by prejudiced, it can be discouraging.  

In your career, did you face problems linked to your gender? What progress have you seen on gender equality in your life and work?    

I had the chance to never face any problem or even daily situation where I noticed that my gender was preceding my skills and competencies. Since I had this chance, I am really grateful and it makes the second question harder… The progress I witnessed is rather linked with the mentality of the new generation, for instance the cohort of CESAREF PhDs students: they are totally free from a paternalistic vision of work! I think when this generation will arrive to leading positions, the current cultural transition will really be achieved.  

Who is your woman scientist inspiration?  

I read a lot of biographies of Marie Curie when I was studying and she gave me courage. But for female inspiration I am rather looking up to my aunt who is leading a group of pathological analysis, she has both a high sense of working together and community and still a strong and determined personality. However, since the target is to think outside of the gender barrier, my inspiration as a woman also came from great male role models: my father and my brother who also evolved in technical or scientific fields.  

What is the most motivating/exciting aspect of your job?    

What I really enjoy is when the new results are not as expected. In this situation we really have to resume humble, go one step back to what we know for sure and what was just an assumption, and ask for our scientific mind to solve the puzzle. It is exciting because afterwards we can contemplate the knowledge that we gain, it becomes really tangible.  

What message could you give to the young generation?    

The only one I can think of comes from a baseball player named Babe Ruth « Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game ». It is really important to let go of fears to be able to achieve goals.  


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