The CESAREF doctoral candidate Andrea SALERNO recently took part in the IMFORMED2023 Mineral Recycling Forum which took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

A melting pot of realities were present, all linked by minerals, particularly secondary raw materials. What emerged is that more and more attention is being paid to the practice of recycling, not only in Europe but worldwide. Responding to environmental policies, producers and suppliers of composite materials are taking up this big challenge and are actively investing in strategies to strengthen supply consistency and environmental benefits. 

Andrea Salerno gave an oral presentation at the forum summarising the huge ambitions of the CESAREF consortium. Furthermore, he introduced his project which focuses on reuse and recycling of refractory materials and the abstract can be seen here. 

It was his first time presenting in a scientific forum, so please join us in congratulating him! We look forward to seeing more presentations as the project develops!