PhD06 – Kwasi BOATENG in Ghana


In a captivating lecture in December 2023, at the University of Ghana’s School of Engineering Sciences Training Centre, Kwasi Boateng (PhD 06), an esteemed alumnus from the institution, shared valuable insights on the « Microstructure Design of a Sustainable Refractory Material ». The lecture was tailored for final year Material Science and Engineering students who were gearing up to defend their project proposals on the same day. 

👨🏿‍🏫 The lecture delved into various aspects of refractories and their industrial applications, shedding light on CESAREF’s pivotal role in decarbonization. Additionally, insights into optimising the thermomechanical properties of refractories were presented, offering a comprehensive view of the subject. Besides the technical discussion, Kwasi engaged with the audience, addressing questions from both scientific and career perspectives. 

Reflecting on his own academic journey, he expressed gratitude to Benjamin Agyei-Tuffour, PhD and the Department of Material Science for the invitation. Having studied the same course several years ago, the alumnus admitted that refractories seemed purely theoretical at the time, with little awareness of the global impact they have in high-temperature industries. 

🏭 The lecture not only bridged the gap between theory and practical application but also highlighted the evolving landscape of the refractory industry in Ghana and Africa. As an alumnus who once doubted the prospects of a refractory career in Ghana due to the limited industry presence, Kwasi found the opportunity to motivate and inspire current students by sharing his personal experience. 

The event also drew the attention of key industrial partners present, who had the opportunity to assess the quality and feasibility of various research proposals. This engagement underscored the real-world relevance of the students’ work, offering a bridge between academia and industry. 

🎊👏🏻 The lecture not only provided valuable knowledge on refractory materials but also served as a testament to the transformative power of education and the impact of the refractory industry on the local and global stage. The event was a remarkable collaboration inspiring the next generation of material scientists and engineers. 

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